What is Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Training?

    During traditional strength training the brain sends impulses which stimulate certain muscles to contract. However, not all muscles have a well-developed connection to the brain and these muscles are not activated as easily and therefore they will not develop so well.
    EMS Training stimulates all the major muscle groups and also helps to develop the motoric nerve connections relating to muscle movement. By sending electric impulses directly to these motoric nerves, even the weakly connected muscles are activated.
    Because muscle fibers are activated in a non-regular order with EMS Training, a more intense level of training is enabled from the start, which creates more muscle fiber at an accelerated rate. More active muscle tissue requires more energy intake which therefore burns more calories, even at rest!

    How does EMS Training work?

    As you walk through The EMS Studio for your first workout, we will strap you up in a vest and electrodes are attached to major muscle groups and targeted areas. This will take approximately 5mins to strap you up.
    Once you’re ready to go, our coach will take you through a work out session which may include squats, lunges, overhead presses, and bicep curls while electrical pulses are being sent around your body. Don’t be fooled – it’s harder than it sounds. Depending on your fitness level, your coach may include light weights and cardio into your program. It’s a small group environment which means it’s like having your own personal trainer.

    Is EMS Training Safe?

    EMS Training uses low frequency electric impulses which will not cause harm to the human body. The impulses are generated by a device and delivered through electrodes to the skin surface above the muscles to be stimulated. The impulses cause the muscles to contract, so the result is similar to the actual movement and regular contractions of the muscles.

    What are the benefits of EMS Training?

    • Burn fat and tone your muscles
    • Build muscle strength
    • Reduce cellulite due to boost in blood circulation to the tissues and it’s ability to tone muscles and tighten connective tissue.
    • Improve your fitness, mood, sleep, weight and posture.
    • Kind to joins and tendons as there is not jumping, running or twisting.

    Who is EMS Training ideal for?

    Busy professionals, time-poor parents, people working through injuries (because it is very low impact and you can control the intensity), or just anyone looking for an effective solution that is also economical in terms of time.

    What are some of the downside to EMS Training?

    EMS technology is only to be used by trained professional who can monitor the muscle stimulation intensity, overstimulation with this technology has been suggested to be dangerous. All workouts are limited to 20mins for this particular reason with minimum mandatory recovery time 48 hours between sessions.

    What do I need to do to prepare for my EMS Training?

    Make sure you’re well hydrated throughout the day of your EMS training and ensure your last meal was eaten 2-3 hours ago. You will need the energy for your workout. Arrive 10 minutes before your booking time to allow time to change and get ready. We would recommend you do not do any other training on the day of your EMS workout.

    What should I expect after the training?

    You may experience muscle fatigue immediately after the session, and muscle soreness from around 24 hours. Delay onset muscle soreness may peak at around 48 hours post workout. Make sure you stay well hydrated post workout.

    Who would not be suitable for EMS Training?

    EMS training is suitable for most individuals however if you’re pregnant or have a pacemaker we stronger advise against EMS training.
    If you suffer from the following, please consult a medical professional and obtain clearance prior to EMS training:
    • Acute bacterial or viral infection;
    • Fever;
    • Tumours;
    • Tuberculois;
    • Diabetes Mellitus;
    • Sever neurological discorders (epilepsy or Multiple Sclerosis);
    • Haemophilia;
    • Advanced arteriosclerosis;
    • Inguinal hernia

    Does EMS Training hurt?

    No it doesn’t hurt at all. If there are any discomfort during your session our coach will adjust the intensity accordingly.

    When can I expect to see result?

    The difference will be felt straight after your first workout, due to your body releasing endorphins, your circulation increasing and your posture automatically improving – due to the recent muscle activation. After a couple of days, some muscle stiffness will be felt, which is entirely normal. After approximately 3 to 4 sessions, you will not only feel, but see a visible difference from the EMS training. Of course, as with conventional training, EMS training should be done regularly to maintain and ensure optimal results.

    Can people over 60 use EMS Training?

    YES! EMS training is low impact and put less stress on joints. It is safe to train providing you obtain medical clearance from your doctor.